The objective is to examine economic regulatory policies and related topical issues for informed policy making in Kenya. Economic policies and regulations affect the economy at macro-level and micro-level. At the macro-level, economic regulations have the potential of altering the economic structure; while at micro-level, economic agents are likely to experience welfare gains or losses emanating from policy regulations. Ultimately this results in improvement or reduction of individual welfare. A different regulatory framework affects competition in the provision of goods and services within a sector.

Policy Research
Undertake research, analysis and formulation of policy options on devolution, demography issues and urbanization.
Impact Assessment
Undertake competition analysis based on the economic policy and regulatory framework in Kenya and make cross-country comparative experiences.
Examine topical issues related to the economic policy and regulations with a focus on labor, energy and land.
Knowledge Dissemination
Disseminate the information generated through policy analysis, research and advocacy and networking.