The Public Finance Management (PFM) has significantly changed with the Constitution 2010 and devolved systems of governance. The Constitution sets the pace for creating a PFM system that is more efficient, effective, transparent and participatory for improved service delivery.

IEA Kenya looks to promote budget transparency and effective participation of civil society and key institutions in public finance management. 

Budget Analyses
Conduct incisive and diverse analyses of public expenditure through consistent engagement with key budget documents produced over the budget cycle. 
Public Finance Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting
Promote budget transparency through open budget surveys at the national level and county level.
Capacity Building
Empower citizen & civil society capacity to participate effectively in the budget process. And also strengthen the capacity of Parliament and other key independent institutions to exercise their oversight role.
Research & Policy Analysis
Inform tax policy by undertaking research and public policy analysis in revenue and taxation areas and in tax related bills and laws.
Knowledge Dissemination
Hold public forums on key topical PFM issues, policies or related bills, budget analysis, research to educate and inform public and media debate.
Advocacy and Networking
Engage in networking and coalition building with budget groups for increased budget support.