Existing Mechanism for the Public to Engage in Budget Making Process in Kenya

IEA Kenya
Theme: Economic Development

Existing Mechanism for the Public to Engage in Budget Making Process in Kenya    File Size: 0 kB Downloads: 434
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17 July 2012

The objective of this manual is to raise awareness of the existing opportunities and avenues for the public to engage throughout the national budget cycle of Kenya as well as provide an overview of the principles underlying participatory budgeting and further outline best practices in participatory budgeting. It is expected that cumulatively through this manual civil society and generally public participation in the budget making processes would increase and the degree of inclusivity in decision making processes enhanced. Ultimately civil society members and local citizens would be well equipped with information and knowledge to be able to fully participate in budget making and be able to meaningfully influence public service delivery, planning and allocation of public resources. Additionally, it is assumed that CSOs representatives who participate in training on this manual would in turn pass on the skills and knowledge so gained to empower their constituents and the ripple effect is expected to bear inclusitivity in budgeting practices.

Applied Budget Work: Training of Trainers’ Manual

IEA Kenya
Theme: Budget

Applied Budget Work: Training of Trainers’ Manual    File Size: 0 kB Downloads: 1349
Post Date:
12 July 2012

This is a Training of Trainers’ (TOT) manuals intended for civil society organizations that work around budget issues supposed to demystify the budget and also encourage these organizations to understand that the budget can be used as a tool of accountability. As such it is intended to equip them with skill and techniques to undertake budget analysis as well as apply other budget work skills in order to effectively participate thoughout the budget cycle.

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