First Quarter Analysis of the 1999/2000 budget

Theme: General

First Quarter Analysis of the 1999/2000 budget    |   File Size: Downloads: 1316   |   Post Date: 08 March 2000

In this second issue of the Budget Focus, we undertake an analysis of the first quarter of the 1999/2000 financial year, focussing on first quarter allocation and exspenditure trends in seven ministries—all considered critical to poverty eradication. The report attempts to determine whether allocations made correspond with expenditure incurred. The ministries examined are Office of the President (OP),

Agriculture and Rural Development, Education, Health, Energy, Environment and Natural Resources, Roads and Public Works.

Budgeting for the Nation

Theme: General

Budgeting for the Nation    |   File Size: 197.72 kB Downloads: 6786   |   Post Date: 05 March 2000

Issues of public finance management and expenditure have always attracted public interest. However, this quest has been frustrated by an information drought which has only succeeded in alienating the public further from this important subject. It is in response to this that the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) has designed a Budget Information Programme (BIP) which, apart from mobilising public and professional

input into the Budget, also undertakes to monitor expenditure.

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