Budget 2000/2001 - Where Will Our Money Go?

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Budget 2000/2001 - Where Will Our Money Go?    |   File Size: 86.29 kB Downloads: 1995   |   Post Date: 11 July 2000

This financial year, the government will spend most of our money on salaries and debt service!. According to the Estimates, the government will spend a total of Ksh. 266.2 billion over the financial year 2000/2001. Most of this expenditure—250.906 billion (94%) will be on recurrent expenditure and 6% (15.306 billion) is intended as development expenditure. Of the total expenditure, 41% (109.9 billion) goes toward debt

service while 53% (140.970 billion) goes to salaries, operations and maintenance (both debt and salaries &operations and maintenance make up recurrent expenditure)!

The Coffee Industry in Kenya

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The Coffee Industry in Kenya    |   File Size: 158.03 kB Downloads: 7839   |   Post Date: 02 July 2000

Coffee production in Kenya takes place in a variety of ways. This is because the production occurs in small and large-scale farms whose dynamics of production are altogether very different. However, even after the liberalisation of the industry, the balancing of the interests of the cooperatives, the Coffee Board of Kenya and the millers has been less than harmonious.

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