Budget Guide 2001/2002 - A Guide for MPs

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Budget Guide 2001/2002 - A Guide for MPs    |   File Size: 115.52 kB Downloads: 3437   |   Post Date: 10 July 2001

 On the 14th of June 2001, the Minister for Finance in Kenya tabled the 2001/2002 budget to the National assembly. The house will devote most of the time between now and the end of the year debating the Governments economic policy as outlined in the budget speech and budget implementing legislation, specifically the Finance Bill (Tax and Miscellaneous proposals and the Appropriations Bill. This year, the minister also presented the Banking Act amendment Bill with the budget. The purpose of this guide, produced by the Institute of Economic Affairs, is to help members in the budget debate

Shifting the Receivership Process Towards Business Recovery

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Shifting the Receivership Process Towards Business Recovery    |   File Size: 149.18 kB Downloads: 6456   |   Post Date: 02 July 2001

The sustained growth of any country depends largely on the ability to nurture businesses so that wealth and employment may be created through them. While the success of businesses is assumed to lead to overall economic development, every economy must also confront the failure of businesses.

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