Petroleum Industry Since Liberalization

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Petroleum Industry Since Liberalization    |   File Size: 78.82 kB Downloads: 4744   |   Post Date: 30 November 2001

The shortage in petroleum products that were common before the period of price decontrols are now non-existent. However, the other critical factor of the reductions in prices has not been forthcoming. In addition, the liberalization process itself is incomplete leaving the National Oil Corporation of Kenya (NOCK) as both a national regulator and active participant in the market.

Intensifying Livestock Production in Kenya’s ASALs

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Intensifying Livestock Production in Kenya’s ASALs    |   File Size: 102.33 kB Downloads: 4064   |   Post Date: 04 November 2001

For quite a long time, the significance and the contribution of Kenya’s arid and semi-arid lands in the overall contribution to agricultural GDP has not been clear to all Kenyans. For this reason, the livestock sub-sector and pastoralism has appeared to have a comparatively low profile within the national agricultural policy.

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