Budget 2004/5 - Through Gender Lens

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Budget 2004/5 - Through Gender Lens    |   File Size: 73.53 kB Downloads: 1138   |   Post Date: 09 May 2005

The allocation and implementation of budgets has shown that government priorities are often gender blind. In other words, government policies or priorities are not sensitive to the different outcomes and impacts on men and women thus aggravating gender inequality and more importantly, overlooking ways to achieve net economic welfare.

Counting the Cost and Benefits of Kenya's Petroleum Refinery

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Counting the Cost and Benefits of Kenya    |   File Size: 207.13 kB Downloads: 2348   |   Post Date: 04 May 2005

Until 1971, the petroleum refinery in Kenya was run wholly by the private sector. Thereafter the government embarked on a partnership arrangement with some private sector Petroleum Marketing Corporations. Changes in policy over time have led to the need to review both the degree of public sector involvement in the management, ownership or control of assets in this industry.

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