Learning By Doing: Toward Better County Budgets in 2014/15

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Learning By Doing: Toward Better County Budgets in 2014/15    |   File Size: 255.86 kB Downloads: 1417   |   Post Date: 18 December 2013

As Kenya’s county governments complete their first budget process under the 2010 Constitution, and begin the 2014/15 process, it is time to take stock.  To be sure, counties faced a number of challenges in budgeting this year due to a compressed time schedule, inadequate support from national government, and limited capacity.  Our goal in this paper is not to point fingers or assign blame, but to encourage learning as we go into the next budget cycle. It is only through understanding what did not work in this most recent process that we can ensure a better process going forward.

16 Key Questions About Your County Budget

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16 Key Questions About Your County Budget    |   File Size: 287.47 kB Downloads: 1773   |   Post Date: 18 December 2013

With the onset of devolution in Kenya, county budgets have been one of the most talked about subjects in 2013.  This is perhaps one of devolution’s major achievements so far: the fact that ordinary people, media, and analysts are all asking questions about how government is planning to spend money.  Increased attention to the management of public resources is the first step in ensuring greater transparency and accountability, one of the promises of devolution and broader constitutional reforms in Kenya.

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