State of Implementation of the Micro and Small Enterprises Act 2012

Institute of Economic Affairs
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State of Implementation of the Micro and Small Enterprises Act 2012    File Size: 2.42 MB Downloads: 5725
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06 October 2015

The purpose of this policy brief is to situate the Micro and Small Enterprises Sector (MSE) and its contributions to Kenya’s economy. Secondly, it provides a status update on the implementation of law and policy related to the MSE sector generally but specifically to the MSE Act 2012. Thirdly, the brief  reviews the status of implementation and provide policy and legal prescriptions for full implementation of the MSE Act in addition to other policies that would facilitate growth for the sector.

Third Quarter Budgetary Performance 2014/15

Theme: General

Third Quarter Budgetary Performance 2014/15    |   File Size: 344.14 kB Downloads: 1339   |   Post Date: 06 October 2015

 This brief calls for the government to address underutilization of budgetary provisions by dealing with delays in release of funds through building the capacity of MDAs to ensure that procurement processes are integrated into planning processes. Further, the government should also not only scale down projections of donor funds but also ensure predictability of cash flow through an efficient and functional cash management system. Finally for budget transparency and accountability, the Legislature needs to rein in on MDAs to provide the CoB with information on Appropriation in Aid to facilitate understanding of what caused MDAs to spend beyond the funds released to them.

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