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20 June 2019

This analysis of Budget 2019/20 interrogates the extent to which it is aligned to the government’s fiscal consolidation agenda (narrowing budget deficits). In particular, it focuses on big-ticket expenditure items, how the overall budget will be financed and alludes to the overall effect on the “big four” economic plan under implementation by the government for the period from 2018-2022. 

In terms of organization, this analysis first presents an overview of the entire budget, then proceeds with expenditure analysis that looks at issues of mandatory spending and what this means to budget flexibility, implications of the public wage bill and a brief on what is expected in terms of sectoral priorities. The final section focuses on how the overall budget will be financed and what this means.

It is expected that this information and analysis will contribute to catalyzing public debate and dialogue on the budget and ignite interest and civil society engagement in monitoring and tracking its implementation as a way of promoting overall transparency and accountability in the use and management of public funds.

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