Trade Facilitation: Issues for Kenya

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Trade Facilitation: Issues for Kenya    |   File Size: 190.67 kB Downloads: 1940   |   Post Date: 07 February 2006

Ministers from WTO member-countries decided at the 1996 Singapore Ministerial Conference to set up three new working groups: on trade and investment, on competition policy, and on transparency in government procurement. They also instructed the WTO Goods Council to look at possible ways of simplifying trade procedures, an issue sometimes known as “trade facilitation”.

The Proceedings of the Pre - Hong Kong National Trade Policy Workshop

Theme: General

The Proceedings of the Pre - Hong Kong National Trade Policy Workshop    |   File Size: 200.31 kB Downloads: 1412   |   Post Date: 06 February 2006

This is the report on the proceedings of the Pre-Hong-Kong national trade policy workshop, held at the Sun n Sand Beach Resort, Mombasa, on the 11th and 12th of November. The workshop brought together, representatives of a number of civil society organisations, government officers from the ministry of trade, members of parliament, and Donor agencies.

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