Intellectual Property Rights & The Protection of Inventions & Innovations

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Intellectual Property Rights & The Protection of Inventions & Innovations    |   File Size: 381.58 kB Downloads: 1871   |   Post Date: 06 April 2007

The term intellectual property is used to refer to a wide range of rights associated with inventions, discoveries, writings, product designs, and other creative works. Intellectual property protection can be traced as far back as 1474 when the first patent statute was established in Venice followed by the monopoly statutes of England of 1624.

Trademarks Protection in Kenya

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Trademarks Protection in Kenya    |   File Size: 896.78 kB Downloads: 2565   |   Post Date: 03 April 2007

A trademark is a distinctive sign, which differentiates the goods or services produced or provided by one enterprise from those of another. It includes any distinctive word, letter, slogan, device, brand-name, heading, label, ticket, name, signature or numeral or any combination whether in two dimensional or three-dimensional form.

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