Policy Magazine Issue No. 6

IEA Kenya
Theme: Economic Policy

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Post Date:
19 December 2016

Cities are important drivers of development and poverty reduction in both urban and rural areas, as they concentrate much of the national economic activity, government, commerce and transportation, and provide crucial links with rural areas, between cities, and across international borders. However, rapid and unplanned urban expansion leads to rapid sprawl, deficiencies in water and energy supply, and in the disposal of waste, chronically congested roads and public transport, pollution and environmental degradation, together with unsustainable production and consumption patterns. In order to attain sustainable urbanization, the government must put in place proper planning mechanisms; require technically competent, responsive and accountable professionals charged with the management of cities and expansion as well as appropriate use of public funds directed towards basic services where they will yield the largest benefit for citizens.

Policy Magazine Issue No. 5

IEA Kenya
Theme: Economic Development

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Post Date:
06 April 2016

This magazine takes stock of the current status of development in Kenya. The government at both national and respective county levels has to take deliberate action and put in place measures to address governance and institutional challenges if the country is to attain sustained economic development. There is need to strengthen public institutions; effective, responsive and accountable institutions and systems; and efficient institutions that enable stakeholders work together efficiently.

Policy Magazine Issue No. 4

Theme: General

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Post Date:
20 February 2015

This fourth issue of the magazine presents a wide range of policy analyses, the main articles are a summary of an eight month project of research work on the extractives sector in Kenya. Known as the Extractives Sector Analysis and Policy Engagement, the project gave rise to five analytical policy papers covering facets of the industry such as fiscal policy, the legal and regulatory situation, implications for the environment and gender and the value chain, concluding with an analysis of the political economy of the sector. The Recent confirmations of discovery of the energy and mineral resources within Kenya's boundaries mean thet a sector that has thus far comprised a miniscule 1% of GDP shows promise of substantial future returns while presenting unique challenges that call for dispassionate analysis, policy engagement and publi education.

Policy Magazine Issue No. 3

IEA Kenya

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Post Date:
06 May 2014

Devolution is the most significant political reform in Kenya since independence. For the nation – and for Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) – it is of singular importance. While resolving distributional grievances will be a tremendous step forward for Kenya, we must not see the sharing of resources as a panacea. Devolution is not a solution; it is an opportunity. It is not a map to our destination; it is merely a new terrain – and we still have to decide where we will go, and how we will get there.



POLICY JOURNAL ISSUE 002    File Size: 0 kB Downloads: 6845
Post Date:
20 July 2012

This issue of the Policy Journal is addressing the timely issue of regional integration. East Africa has been moving steadily to ever closer union since the re-establishment of the East African Community in 1999. From an original membership of three countries – Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, the Community has grown to five countries, with the inclusion of Burundi and Rwanda since 2007. Sudan and South Sudan are also being considered for membership in the Community.

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