Overview of IEA

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA Kenya) is a think-tank that provides a platform for informed discussions in order to influence public policy in Kenya. We seek to promote pluralism of ideas through open, active and informed debate on public policy issues. We undertake research and conduct public education on key economic and topical issues in public affairs in Kenya and the region, and utilize the outcomes of the research for policy dialogue and to influence policy making.



To utilize evidence to shape decisions on public affairs by revealing unobserved insights, generating innovative approaches and dissecting policy choices.


Achieving prosperity in Kenya through expanded economic, intellectual and political freedoms.

Building on past successes over the years, the IEA-Kenya will seek to realize its vision and mission through a unique combination of approaches illustrated below.

Policy analysis to understand the policy landscape, current issues and options, forms the background for every strategic focus area that the IEA-Kenya has adopted. Upon setting the pace, the backbone of IEA-Kenya’s activities will be based on evidence generation through research in the strategic focus areas chosen. Research findings and outputs will be packaged in various forms and disseminated through a variety of media including on our websites, social media, podcast and using other data visualization tools such as animations for wider outreach.

Advocacy and policy engagement is the primary approach of communicating research outputs with an objective of shaping debates, influencing policy and action. The Policy Engagement and Communication programme working in conjunction with researchers will drive this approach.

Using various tools and techniques public forum and education will be used for knowledge dissemination to stir up and promote informed and effective citizen participation in decision-making processes.

Capacity strengthening is not only at the core of promoting increased interaction and utilization of government data and documents but also in enhancing civil society engagement, improved media reporting and improved public accountability.