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Terms of Reference for an individual Consultant: Open Contracting Policy Paper


The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA Kenya) is a Public Policy think-tank that seeks to promote pluralism of ideas through open, active and informed public debates on key policy issues and to propose feasible policy alternatives. The IEA Kenya, supported by Hivos, is implementing a project on Civic Engagement for Open Contracting.  The project aims to support citizen engagement in public contracting by providing insights on how the government obtains and spends money. Increased citizen knowledge on public contracting processes should translate to more advocacy for change in procurement policy and practice and enhanced transparency and accountability in public spending.

Objectives of the assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze public procurement in Kenya, highlight critical emerging issues and develop an analytical paper with proposals to address identified issues.


  1. Undertake an analysis of the institutions and the practice of public procurement in Kenya, highlighting key strengths and weaknesses
  2. Review the trends and identify the recurrent challenges in the public procurement of goods and services
  3. Generate proposals for policy improvement based on the analysis of identified issues
  4. Develop an analytical paper on the public procurement system in Kenya, based on these findings
  5. Present the paper at a Stakeholders meeting convened by IEA


The main output of this consultancy is a comprehensive analytical paper on public procurement in Kenya.

Task Duration: 30 days


  1. Knowledge related to Public Procurement in Kenya, Law, Economics, Finance or related discipline
  2. Good understanding of public sector reforms and public finance management in Kenya
  3. Relevant experience in policy and legislative development. Familiarity with the public contracting environment in Kenyan is an added advantage
  4. Strong written and oral communication skills with demonstrated ability of making effective presentations
  5. At least 7 years experience in relevant field


Please submit your Expression of Interest highlighting your experience, competencies and financial proposal to undertake the assignment.

Applications should be submitted before 5.00pm on Monday, July 13, 2020 via Email to with a copy to