The ‘Futures’ Approach is one of the key innovations in service delivery. Informed by our past successes and lessons, we see an opportunity in applying the Futures Approach to make devolved governance more effective in Kenya and also address urbanization and demography. The Approach involves the application of three closely related methodologies in future-oriented planning namely: scenarios planning, strategic planning and visioning to analyze, create, anticipate and test the present and likely desirable futures. Here, we seek to engage with administrative and political aspects of devolution, looking at public service delivery, efficient use of public resources and stakeholder engagement, mainly public, in governance processes, as well as policy formulation.

Policy Research
Undertake research, analysis and formulation of policy options on devolution, demography issues and urbanization.
Knowledge Dissemination
Develop research reports and other publications e.g. bulletins, policy briefs, discussion papers on focus areas; hold public forums, round tables on devolution, urbanization and demography.
Capacity Building
Capacity workshops for right holders and duty bearers on devolved governance and development planning.
Advocacy and Networking
Building networks on Futures methodologies as well as devolved governance; Media engagement and public education through media.