The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA Kenya) is a membership organization. Members constitute part of the governance structure and involve them in IEA Kenya activities including debates, public forums, policy dialogues, etc. Our members constitute a group of committed experts whose sole interest is to make professional contributions to the formulation of alternative public policy. 

The IEA Kenya was formally launched in 1994 as a civic forum that sought to promote public policy debates and promote alternative policy options. It grew out of the 1992 Post Elections Action Programme (PEAP), a joint effort by Kenyan professionals and academics, at the wake of Multi-Party Democracy when debates on democracy and alternative policy options were vibrant. We served as a forum for professionals who until then lacked a forum through which to conduct organized debates and influence policy.
Membership has since then grown to over 200 members and counting, and has created a platform for many to push for socio-economic reforms as well as give policy options through public debates, petitions and research.
IEA membership is open to all professionals who have a passion and interest in public policy, economic issues, as well as research. Corporate entities and other institutions engaged in non-profit work as well as academics are also open to join IEA as members.
Membership gives you the opportunity to shape public policy space in the country and the region through:
  • Internship opportunities
  • Coaching and mentorship
  • Subsidized rates on IEA publications and Events
  • Networking opportunities with a diverse pool of professionals
  • Access to IEA publications and the Resource Center
  • Become a panelist at one of our events
  • Contribute as a writer in IEA publications
  • Participate in corporate social responsibility activities
  • Career development
  • Annual events such cocktails and dinners
  • Consultancy opportunities and job openings
  • Partnership opportunities
  • Members constitute part of the governance structure as such members have voting rights in elective posts at the AGM
Category  Fee
Student (Graduate) KSH 2,000.00
Masters KSH 4,000.00
Postgraduate (Doctorate) KSH 5,000.00
  KSH 10,000.00
  KSH 100,000.00

How To Become A Member?

  1. Submit a complete form with your details
  2. Receipt of confirmation message on receipt of your application sent to your email
  3. Review applications for two working days upon receipt of complete applications.
  4. ONLY upon successful application will our team inform you on payment
NB: For enquiries send email to:


Special Interest Areas
Public Finance Management
Trade and Development
Economic Regulation and Competition
Futures Methodologies
Policy Engagement and Communication
Skills and Abilities
Policy Analysis
Advocacy and Policy Dialogues
Capacity Building
Public Education
Economic Regulation and Competition
Futures Methodologies
Trade and Development
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